UPDATE 10/11/2020

Go and get quotes from every other artist, you'll choose the cheapest and then after you see their vision ,,,,please ring me. 

I will then listen to your brief and send you sketches based on

my 31 years as a professional.

Before contacting the Artist for a "Quote" please make sure you have

the following:


Why would anyone spend hours even days and month on designing something for you and not  get paid for it.

Please do not expect me or any other creative person  to work for free.

You can see an example of hourly rate if you just want a design ONLY . However When I do a quote for you it will be unique to you for the thing you want designed. see section 8:


You the viewer  should  note that this website is best viewed on a PC or Tablet. 


1. Exact content  (wording) you would like on your chalkboard- the content (wording) could be a menu for a shop or wording for a wedding chalkboard.

2. Please supply your menu or wording in simple plain text  a minimum fee of $50 to $150 will charged if client  sends me wording hand written or I have to type it out again.( Microsoft word )is best way to send a full menu.

3. Please make sure you have the exact measurements in centimetres (cm)


4. It is impossible to give a quote over the phone or via email without the above information.


5. Select "contact" from the menu bar above or email the Artist.


6: Please note; The Artist is not a courier or tradie or  handy  man and can not deliver or install any art work or sign to your premises. You the client will be responsible to pick up all Artwork or hand painted signs or chalkboards from Greenslopes /Queensland. Or perhaps you the client can arrange to have a courier pick up on your behalf however you the client should organise this in advance.  


7: Please note: when asking the artist to email you a “Mock up” or “rough sketch” of what your sign or chalkboard or hand painted original -the Artist will only send a ‘Digital interpretation’ of the works and is not indicative  of the finished works. The artist is a human and can only deliver a hand painted original piece. The ‘Digital interpretation’ should only been viewed as a “rough sketch” of the finished product.  

Your signature or that of your authorized representative is required on all mechanical or artwork prior to release Customer assumes all responsibility for any errors or omissions in type and layout. can not be held liable for errors or omissions after the job is created.


8: I DO NOT WORK for free- You will be asked to pay for your order in advance


9: There are various sizes:

120cm by 90cm and 90cm by 60cm and 45cm by 60cm or 244cm by 122cm or 244cm by 244cm or 244cm by 366cm ......(However)  I can custom make "any" sized chalkboard to your specifications.  Regardless of the "standard" a chalkboard can be as large as a standard wall in a shop or home. 


10: I can also frame your Chalkboard- However you must ask when requesting a quote the cost as it varies in price. 

11:Please note after viewing the "Mock up" that you are signing off the job and authorizing  to go ahead and hand paint  your job. Although I keep checking carefully through all stages of production, you (the client) take responsibility if there are any errors in the final job that are on the proof. My responsibility is to ensure the hand painted job matches the signed off proofs, of which I have a copy.

The signatory accepts responsibility for proofing all the artwork accurately. can not accept responsibility for corrections not implemented and/or requested at artwork stage. Any modification requested after client approval of artwork may result in production delays and/or additional expenses which must be approved by the client before production.

*************HOW TO CHECK A PROOF ***********************

Please use the advice which follows, advice which is borne out of much experience, to guide you in checking your proof. Checking and signing off a proof is a solemn responsibility! Your attitude towards checking a proof is critical. Here are some points on the attitude you should adopt when checking a proof.

 • Attention to detail is the key to checking a proof.

• Check the WHOLE proof even if it is a reproof, and even if there were only a couple of minor changes.

• DO NOT focus only on one aspect of the job — for example, the text and not the colours, or the images and not the text. Always check headings carefully.

• Try to look at the proof as if you have never seen the job before.

• If possible, have someone unfamiliar with the job to check the proof as well.

• Are there any typographical errors?

• Are there any spelling errors (pay particular attention to headlines)?

• Is there anything missing from the job — logos, lines of text, boxes, borders, lines?

• Are graphics positioned, cropped and scaled correctly?

• Enlarge the job to 400% and check that graphics are sharp and not jagged. They will print more or less as you see them.

• Are the various elements of the job the right way up?

This is particularly important in the case of greeting cards.

• Are the various elements in the job correctly aligned?

 • Are the colours correct?


0421 809 918 




Located in Greenslopes- Qld 


Please read "Procedure"(below) before contacting the Artist

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