About the Artist

Let me ask you a question, would you compare  a  Louis Vuitton bag with something from Kmart or maybe compare a Bentley car with a Datson,,,no?   I often have to explain how each artist has a unique style when it comes to artwork..just because another artist says they can do it cheaper does not mean you get the same high quality as  experienced artist/ designer.


If you understand the words “ quality over quantity  “ then you are the kind of client I would love to create something bespoke for.

My job is to listen to your "Brief “ and brain storm ideas until you are happy with the marriage of the Client and Artisan.

I use my vast experience to suggest various ways that you can improve your business by using the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid)  Often in business clients try to over complicate and end up going out of business because it has not  translated to the customer or client.


I am a fine artist, illustrator, designer, chalkboard artist, digital artist and I make Chalkboards, menu boards and Double sided Aframes to your specifications- In  2020 over 30 years in  Small Business.

My clients are breweries,cafe/restaurants, TV and  film companies as well as  private individuals. I am  happy to discuss any project with you, large or small, easy or complicated.  ngentry.com  has over 30 years of personal experience as a  Professional Artisan.

I look  forward to meeting with you and discussing your unique requirement...

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